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Scientific Talks

SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series Talks are held in Steward Observatory N210 at 3:30pm on Thursdays. Coffee will be available at 3:15. Light refreshments are served after the talk. Click here to stream podcasts of previous coloquium talks.

TAP Colloquium Series are held in Kuiper Space Building in room 312 at 3:45pm on Mondays with refreshments starting at 3:15.

In addition to these special talks we remind you that Steward Journal Club is every Wednesday at Noon in N305. NOAO FLASH is every Friday from 12:00-1:00pm.

Other ongoing talk series are at Planetary Sciences (LPL) on Tuesdays at 3:45pm, and Physics colloq are on Fridays at 3pm.

Steward Observatory Science Coffee is held at 9:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This is where graduate students, faculty, and postdocs discuss a handful of recent ArXiv papers over the course of half an hour.

Fall 2018

Sept. 6, 2018 - Rob Kennicutt, Steward Observ.

The Schmidt Law at Sixty 

Sept. 13, 2018 - John Blakeslee, Gemini Observatory

What's the Plan for Gemini

Sept. 20, 2018 - Jennifer Lotz, Space Telescope Science Institute

Quantifying Galaxy Evolution with Simulations and Machine Learning

Sept. 27, 2018 - Charlie Conroy, Harvard Univ.

Assembling Our Galaxy

Oct. 4, 2018 - Cara Battersby, UConn

The Milky Way Laboratory

Oct. 11, 2018 - Deirdre Shoemaker, Georgia Tech.

Black Holes Across the Gravitational Wave Sky

Oct. 18, 2018 - Karen Meech, Univ. of Hawaii

The Story of 1l/’Oumuamua, the First Vistor from Another Star System

Nov. 1, 2018 - Sebastiaan Krijt, Steward Observ.

Understanding Dust Coagulation and Volatile Evolution in Planet-Forming Disks

Nov. 8, 2018 - Erik Petigura, Caltech

Formation and Erosion of Small Planet Cores and Envelopes

Nov. 15, 2018 - Brian Nord, Fermilab:

AI In the Sky: Implications and Challenges for Artifical Intelligence in Astrophysics and in Society

Nov. 29, 2018 - Irene Shivaei, Steward Observ.

Dec. 6, 2018 - Adrian Price-Whelan, Princeton

The Dynamic Milky Way in the Gaia Era

Spring 2019