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Scientific Talks

SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series Talks are held in Steward Observatory N210 at 4pm on Thursdays with refreshments starting at 3:30 in the lobby.
Click here to stream podcasts of previous coloquium talks.

TAP Colloquium Series are held in LPL 308 at 4pm on Mondays with refreshments starting at 3:45.

In addition to these special talks we remind you that Steward Journal Club is every Wednesday at Noon in N305. NOAO FLASH is every Friday from 12:00-1:00pm.

Other ongoing talk series are at Planetary Sciences (LPL) on Tuesdays at 3:45pm, and Physics colloq are on Fridays at 3pm.

Spring 2016

01/14/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Alexandra Pope, UMass Amherst
Dust-obscured star formation at the Cosmic Frontier : New observations from the Large Millimeter Telescope

01/21/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Ian McGreer, Steward
Growing Supermassive Black Holes at High Redshift

01/28/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Stefano Valenti, LCOGT
The Progenitor of Supernovae in the Era of Wide-field Surveys

02/04/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Yashar Hezaveh, Stanford
Detection of a Dark Matter Subhalo with ALMA Observations of Gravitational Lenses

02/11/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Wen-fai Fong, Steward
Setting the Stage for the Era of Gravitational Wave Discovery

02/18/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Nuria Calvet, Univ. of Michigan
Pre-Main Sequence Accretion Revisited, What Does it Tell Us About Disk Structure and Evolution?

02/25/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Marcia Rieke, Steward
NIRCam: Your Next Near-Infrared Camera in Space

03/03/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Mary Putman, Columbia University
Gas Flows at Various Astronomical Scales

03/10/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Julie Comerford, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder
AGN Triggering in Galaxy Mergers as Traced by Dual AGN and Offset AGN

03/24/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Anders Johansen, Lund University
Forming Planets in Protoplanetary Discs

03/31/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Dawn Erb, Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Low Mass Galaxies and their Gas at the Peak Epoch of Star Formation

04/07/16: SO.NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Fabienne Bastien, Penn State
Convention in Cool Stars, as Revealed through Stellar Brightness Variations

04/14/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Patrick Kelly, UC Berkeley
The Multiply Imaged Strongly Lensed Supernova Refsdal

04/21/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Christoph Baranec, Univ. of Hawaii
Robo-AO and the Rapid Transient Surveyor

04/28/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Scott Tremaine, IAS
Three Problems in Exoplanet Dynamics

05/05/16: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Doug Finkbeiner, Harvard
Mapping Galactic Dust in 3 Dimensions with Pan-STARRS1 and 2MASS

Fall 2016