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CatSat's first "Hello World" message was soon picked up by a ham radio ground station in the Netherlands.

Congratulations to the CatSat Team!

CatSat, the University's first satellite built entirely by students, broke free of its 2nd stage launch vehicle around 11am MST on Monday July 15th. The University of Arizona student team behind this endeavor is now in regular contact with CatSat using the ground station they built at the Arizona Research Building. There are typically two passes over Tucson a day and the team is busy commissioning the satellite during those passes.

Reflecting hope: Concentrating solar power can feed the grid and perhaps even remove carbon from Earth's atmosphere

In recent years, Heliocon and the promise of CSP has attracted the interest of two of the best mirror and optics experts on earth: Roger Angel and Daewook Kim of the University of Arizona and its Wyant College of Optical Sciences, and Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory.

Angel is the current and founding director of the UA’s famed Mirror Lab, whose large-mirror innovations have revolutionized ground-based astronomy.

Kim’s expertise in optical engineering has ensured precision and the best-possible views of the Universe from many existing world-class instruments, including the coming Giant Magellan Telescope with its seven 27-foot diameter mirrors. ...

UArizona Sky School

UArizona Sky School provides immersive, inquiry-based science programs to Arizona K-12 students. Field experiences focus on science areas such as sky island ecology, earth sciences, dendrochronology, hydrology and astronomy. UArizona science graduate students serve as instructors and mentors. For many of our public-school students, this is their first visit to public federal land, their first experience hiking or their first chance to interact with or see themselves a professional scientist and researchers.

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Giant Magellan Telescope Enclosure Ready for Construction

The Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) and IDOM today announced that the telescope’s enclosure, set to be one of the world’s largest astronomical facilities, passed its final design review and is now ready for construction in Chile. The review marks a major milestone for the telescope, which is now 40% under construction. This also marks an...

Native American representatives gather with UArizona leaders for third Tribal Leaders Summit

Tribal leaders from across the state gathered at the University of Arizona Monday to meet with campus leaders and discuss ways to strengthen partnerships between the university and tribal communities in Arizona.


UArizona graduate student and team discover most distant supernovas ever found

Peering deeply into the cosmos, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is giving scientists their first detailed glimpse of supernovas from a time when the universe was young.


Glimpses of a volcanic world: New LBT images of Jupiter's moon Io rival those from spacecraft

New images of Jupiter's volcano-studded moon Io, taken by the Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham in Arizona, offer the highest resolution of Io ever achieved with an Earth-based instrument. The observations were made possible by a new high-contrast optical imaging instrument, dubbed...

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