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Event Horizon Telescope Team Wins 2020 Breakthrough Prize

The 2020 $3-million Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics was awarded to the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration: there were 347 members on the published papers. The even-larger team included 30+ from Astronomy/Steward and NOAO. First science from this collaboration was the creation and analysis of the photo of the supermassive black hole in M87 from data from a set of radio telescopes spanning most of the diameter of the Earth. You can read about the Breakthrough Prize and about this particular award HERE. Our April 2019  story about...

The SAGUARO Project and Multi-Messenger Astronomy

Since April 2019 , Michael Lundquist and David Sand of Steward Observatory along with a team of astronomers from Northwestern University have partnered with Eric Christensen (LPL) and the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) on the Searches After Gravitational-waves using ARizona Observatories (SAGUARO) project. This project uses the Steward Observatory Mount Lemmon 60” telescope to search for optical counterparts to gravitational wave events using the CSS asteroid survey. CSS provides two years worth of historical imaging that is used with image subtraction to more easily identify new events.  Many in the Steward community are involved, with the team, in the follow-up observations of...

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