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Science figures and KW's photo courtesy of Kevin Wagner.

Steward Astronomers Directly Image a Planet on a Surprisingly Wide Orbit in a Triple Star System

Steward Observatory astronomy graduate student Kevin Wagner and professors Daniel Apai and Kaitlin Kratter today (July 7) published a paper in Science reporting the discovery of the widest-orbit planet in a triple star system, named HD 131399Ab. The team made the discovery using European Southern Observatory's SPHERE – one of the latest generation of new adaptive optics instruments on the VLT, aimed at finding Jovian and super-Jupiter planets around nearby young...

Image courtesy Besla et al. 2016.

AAS Nova Features Gurtina Besla's Recent Paper

New deep optical images of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC), the most massive satellites of the Milky Way, reveal the existence of stellar arcs and multiple spiral arms in the northern outskirts of the LMC. No comparable structures exist in the south, making it unlikely that these features are caused by the tidal field of the Milky Way. Instead, simulations by G. Besla illustrate that repeated close encounters between the two galaxies are the most likely culprits for such asymmetric structures. Future observations by the upcoming MagLiteS survey, using NOAO facilities, will study the southern regions of the LMC and test this...

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