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Photo of our graduating MAJORS courtesy of Robin Rarick.

Undergrads Who Received MINORS in Astronomy in 2015

While the photo above (courtesy Robin Rarick) shows Dr Tom Fleming and our graduating Astronomy Majors at graduation, it's also appropriate to acknowledge and to honor  all of our graduating science-track and liberal-arts MINORS, both May and August 2015 (list courtesy Tom Fleming):

     Science Track: Jeremy Brach B.S. Physics
Liberal Arts Track: Sean Bassett B.A. Studio Art
  Philip Bauer B.S. Veterinary Science
  Aryka Collier B.G.S. Science, Tech., Health & Society
  Allison Genovese B.A. Creative Writing
  Juliana Joy Lincoln B.S. Family Studies & Human Development
  Ryan Molton B.A. Political Science

Image Courtesy of Yuri Beletsky

Imagine Looking Through an Eyepiece on a Huge Telescope on the Moon

It's astounding enough to look through an eyepiece on the Magellan telescopes, which really is done on rare occasion. But what if you could transport that telescope to the Moon to get rid of the blurring of the Earth's atmosphere? Or what if you could use adaptive optics to give you a diffraction-limited view through that eyepiece?...

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