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The highest resolution image of Centaurus A obtained with the Event Horizon Telescope on top of a color composite image of the entire galaxy. R. Bors; ESO/WFI; MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A. Weiß et al.; NASA/CXC/CfA/R. Kraft et al.; EHT/M. Janßen et al.

Recent News/Press Releases from Dept. Astronomy/Steward Observatory

Several recent research press releases or popular articles from Dept of Astronomy and Steward Observatory (hit "more" for the full set of press releases):

1) Sixiang Wen and Ann Zabludoff study a tidal disruption event  and find an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole. This study also appeared in Sky and Telescope:

2) (Whitaker et al) including current and former Steward/NOIRLab people Christina Williams, Justin Spilker, Desika Narayanan, Alexandra Pope, and Rachel Bezanson:

Galaxies that shut down star formation in the relatively early Universe

3) Marcia Rieke and JWST:

"James Webb Space Telescope:...

Guidelines for Steward and Department of Astronomy Return to Campus

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Addition of July 23, 2021: The updated UArizona protocols can be found HERE.

Addition on July 7, 2021...

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