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Photo from UA News: Richard F. Caris (center), flanked by Arizona Astronomy Board chair Sid Leach and UA President Ann Weaver Hart, at the dedication of the Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab (Photo: Martha Lochert)

UA/Steward Benefactor Richard F. Caris Has Died

From Steward Director Buell Jannuzi: "I am sorry to pass on the news that Richard F. Caris, our friend and valued supporter, passed away at his home on August 9, 2016. As you know, for more than 15 years Richard shared his curiosity, passion, and drive to get things done with Steward Observatory, Astronomy Camp, Mount Lemmon Sky Center, and most of all, the Mirror Lab. His philanthropic support helped initiate the LSST project and enabled the University of Arizona to become a founding partner of the Giant Magellan Telescope which, with an effective 25 m diameter primary mirror, will be the largest optical...

Image courtesy of Justin Spilker.

Gravitationally Lensed Dusty Galaxies

[Words by Justin Spilker]

About half of the light from newborn stars is invisible to human eyes - it gets absorbed by interstellar dust between the young star and us, and re-emitted at wavelengths much longer than our eyes can see. Some of the most intense star formation in the history of the universe takes place in galaxies that existed when the universe was about 1/4th of its current age, making new stars hundreds or thousands of times faster than our own Milky Way galaxy does today. These galaxies contain vast amounts of...

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