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Steward/Astronomy Specific Guidelines for Responding/Adapting to COVID-19 Pandemic

March 27: the policy document (linked in bold below) has been updated.

March 19, 4pm: Here is Zoom information behind NetID including the zoom-channel schedules. (We have added phone numbers).  The BOX version of the schedule seems not to be up to date.


Here are the Steward guidelines/information of 3pm (the document says 7pm) on March 27. They supercede and extend previous guidelines.


Steward Observatory and the Department of Astronomy are adopting policies that will minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 while allowing us to continue to support our educational, outreach, and research missions. Our policies are intended to be consistent with those of the University of Arizona and the College of Science. We refer you to their web pages at these links:

Aaronson Symposium On Galactic Dynamics With Resolved Stars, Sept 21-23, 2020

The first Marc Aaronson science symposium is being held here at the University of Arizona on Sept 21-23, 2020. Registration is open from Feb 1- April 30, 2020 (new deadline). The conference will be organized around 3 key topics:1)  The secular evolution of galaxies: Physical insights (to be) learned from 6D phase space information of the major baryonic components (bulge, bar and disk) of Local Group galaxies.; 2) The distribution of dark matter in galaxies: Physical insights (to be) learned from 6D phase space of tracers of the dark matter halo of Local Group galaxies (globular clusters, satellites, streams and stars); 3) The nature of dark matter: Physical insights (to be) learned from 6...

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