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'Special Talks' Podcasts

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4/03/17: Brian Schmidt, Australian National University, The State of the Universe in 2017

3/04/16: Steward Observatory March 2016 Internal Symposium

3/02/16: Blitzer Lecture & Award Ceremony 2016

8/21/15: Steward Observatory August 2015 Internal Symposium

4/23/15: Adam Block's Astrophotography Lecture at the Center for Creative Photography

2/20/15: Steward Observatory February 2015 Internal Symposium

12/16/14: Beth Willman, Haverford
Triumphs and Tribulations of Near-field Cosmology with Wide-Field Surveys: A Biased Perspective

04/24/14: Graduating Astronomy Major Research Symposium
Undergrad Research Colloquium

2/28/2014:  Aaronson Lecturer: Alice Shapley, UCLA
Decoding the Contents of Distant Galaxies

2/20/2014: Vatican Observatory Seminar
Rev. Jose’ G. Funes, S.J. - Director, Vatican Observatory
Dr. Buell T. Jannuzi - Director, Steward Observatory 
Rev. Jean-Baptiste Kikwaya, S.J. - Vatican Observatory 
Br. Guy Consolmagno - Vatican Observatory 

11/16/2012:  Aaronson Lecturer: Dr. Pieter van Dokkum, Yale University
The Rise of Galaxies