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Alumni and Current Students

We are proud of our current and graduated students. This page contains lists of former Graduate Students who have received advanced degrees, and a list of students with Undergraduate BS degrees. Astronomer Don McCarthy was able to get us a list of all undergrads back to 1929 (Philip Keenan, the inventor of the M-K stellar classification system, was that student) from the Alumni Association. But there's still a good chance that one or two of you are overlooked: if so, send us an email and we'll be glad to add you.

The photo at the left is of former Steward undergrad (degrees in Astronomy, Physics, and Math in 2007) Caitlin Casey, who has won the 2018 AAS Pierce Prize. We quote the citation here: "For her work on high-redshift star-forming galaxies and for pioneering new quantitative techniques for determining the importance of submillimeter galaxies in galaxy evolution." Caitlin is also now a 2019 Cottrell Scholar.

The photo at the bottom right is of the Spring 2013 group of undergraduates/alumni who have worked on (and published papers on) exoplanet light curves.


Back row: Amanda Walker-LaFollette, Allison McGraw, Brandon Raphael, Michael Berube, Blythe Guvenen, Ian Cates, Kyle Pearson

Front row: Brianna Smart, Kendall Cook, Lauren Biddle, Jake Turner   (click image for full size)

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