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Business Office Personnel



Mark Buglewicz
Assistant Director,
Business Services
Phone: (520) 621-6536
Principal financial and personnel officer

Christina Siqueiros
Manager, Business & Personnel Services
Phone: (520) 621-2371
♦ Principal financial & personnel officer - Responsible for implementing policies, audits, & management of state, local, auxiliary accounts, and Director reports.
♦ Responsible for management of all personnel services, including employee relations, hiring recommendations, & effort reporting



Corina Bedoy
Operations Manager
Phone: (520) 621‐2215
Online reporting contact, analysis/reporting, SOBO operations processes and procedures

Jennifer Lundin
Accounting - payroll
Phone: (520) 621‐0045
Timesheet processing, payroll reconciliation, SET corrections, payroll projection/reporting

Diana Sigala
Accounting - non-payroll
Phone: (520) 621-2215
Online system reporting, non-payroll reconciliation, PO setup, P-Card checkout, Kitt Peak meals

Miranda Cox
HR Support
Phone: (520) 626-9976
HR support, grad support, student hiring, P-Card liaison, admin liaison, SOBO office scheduling

 Ana Ruiz
Office Support
Phone: (520) 621-3820
P-Card recon/compliance, travel authorizations/expense, employee reimbursements, PO-payment requests, vendor payments, SOBO scheduling


Administrative Accounting

Laura Hammond
Business Manager
Phone: (520) 621‐4463
♦ Management of state, local & auxiliary accounts
♦ Business Office Delegate
♦ Management of internal unit reports


Grants & Contract Management

Jennifer Pierson
Manager, Grants & Contracts
Phone: (520) 621-1938
♦ Responsible for managing grants & contracts team and financial oversight of all grants & contracts
♦ Departmental proposal budget development, review & approval

Susan Armstrong
Research Administrator,
Grants & Contracts
Phone: (520) 626-0110
♦ Assist with proposal development & routing through UAccess Research

Kira Joslin
Research Adminstrator, Grants & Contracts
Phone: (520) 621-0285 
♦ Assist with proposal development & routing through UAccess Research


Human Resources

Susan Warner
Coordinator, Payroll & Human Resources
Phone: (520) 621‐6526
♦ Human Resources


Property/Building Maintenance

Tom Watson
Property Coordinator/Property Management
Phone: (520) 307‐0922
♦ Inventory of department equipment, surplus property, vehicle reporting, & insurance claims

Gabe Coronado
Building Monitor
Phone: (520) 304-6880
♦ Building Maintenance & Monitoring




De'Jon Sickles
Student office support

Andreena Chavez
Student office support

Rebecca Vorholzer
Student office support

All photos courtesy Frank S. Gacon