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Astronomy Minors - Science Track

Date graduated Name Majors Minors
2023 Valenzuela, Ulisses Mathematics Astronomy
2021 Baller, Alyssa Michelle Optical Sciences Astronomy
2021 Kreiner, Jodi Elizabeth Chemical Engineering Astronomy
2021 Sun, Linpeng Statistics and Date Science Astronomy
2020 Alshahrani, Rsheed Abdullah J Physics Astronomy
2020 McGowan, Kaylah Breanne Applied Physics Astronomy
2020 Bauer, Adam Physics/Mathematics 2 Astronomy
2020 Hatfield, Zackary Optical Sciences & Eng. Astronomy
2020 Mekenney, Evan Optical Sciences & Eng. Astronomy
2020 Seth, Shitij Mathematics Astronomy, Physics
2020 Sinha, Sukriti Computer Science Astronomy, Marketing
2019 Avalos, Marc Anthony Mathematics Astronomy
2019 Jayaraman, Meghna Optical Science Astronomy
2019 Jean, Madison Optical Science Astronomy
2019 Ridley, Evan Mathematics Astronomy
2019 Sanchez, Dominic Optical Science Astronomy
2019 Silvestri, Nicholas Computer Science Astronomy
2019 Stoken, Alex Physics/Mathematics Astronomy
2018 Hamilton, Ryan Optical Science Astronomy
2018 Harlan, Morgan Optical Science Astronomy
2018 Reinhart, Lennon Optical Science Astronomy
2017 Kristofitz, Keith Information Science & Tech Astronomy, Spanish
2017 Evans Alyssa Physics Astronomy
2015 Brach, Jeremy Physics Astronomy
2013 Duong, Kevin Physics Astronomy
2013 Myers, Emma Physics Astronomy
2012 Tucker, Evan Corey Physics Astronomy
2012 Kim, Binna Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
2011 Richardson, Logan Physics Astronomy
2011 Perakis, Peter Physics Astronomy
2011 Pemberton, Aleksandras Computer Science Astronomy, Physics
2010 Olson, William Physics Astronomy
2009 Nelson, Joshua V Aerospace Engineering Astronomy, Physics, Planetary Sciences
2009 Busby, Mark Physics Astronomy
2009 Courchesne, Emily Physics Astronomy
2009 Courreges, Ryan Physics Astronomy
2009 Fay, Alexander Physics Mathematics, Astronomy
2008 Flack, Corey Physics Astronomy
2008 Franklin, Nathan Physics Astronomy
2007 Dahill III, Charles Francis Physics Astronomy
2007 Polivka, Nicole M Anthropology Astronomy, Classics
2007 Sakosky, Michael Mathematics Astronomy
2007 Staples, Joshua Physics Astronomy
2007 Carr, Adra Physics Astronomy, Science Ed
2006 Aceituno, Jessy C Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
2006 Kim, Yeunjin Physics Astronomy
2006 Singh, Rajarshi Physics Astronomy
2005 Cook, Rex E Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
2005 Robertson-Tessi, Mark Physics, Mathematics Astronomy
2005 Shimek, Brian A Physics Astronomy
2005 Thomson, Karen J Chemistry Astronomy
2005 King, Nolan Mathematics Astronomy, Computer Science, Physics
2004 Burrus, Shelby Wayne Physics Astronomy
2004 Heck, Sherri Lynn Physics Astronomy
2004 Krug, Ryan D Physics Astronomy, Philosophy
2004 Mcnair, Joshua Mir Physics Astronomy
2002 Bowers, Timothy P Physics Astronomy, French
2001 Burgess, Nicola Jane Physics Astronomy
2001 Hasse, Chanin Lea Physics Astronomy
2001 Keef, James Lewis Physics, Mathematics Astronomy
2001 Kelsey, David Lee Philosophy Astronomy
2000 Cain, Justin Oliver Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
2000 Foster, Christopher Neil Physics Astronomy
2000 Jisonna, Louis Joseph Physics Astronomy
2000 Spets, Lisa Michelle Anthropology Astronomy
1999 Rhodes, Michael Frank Music Astronomy
1999 Roche, James Francis Mathematics Astronomy, Physics
1998 Belanger, John J English Astronomy, Mathematics
1998 Chaban, Jennifer Lynn Physics Astronomy
1998 Harris, Kerry Beth Creative Writing Astronomy, Art
1998 Lin, Leon Mathematics Astronomy, Physics
1998 Luchenbill, Deborah Lynn History Astronomy, Physics
1998 Lyons, Stephanie Poltcal Science Astronomy
1998 Moynihan, Paul D Physics Astronomy
1998 Williams, Donna Leigh History Astronomy, Art Hstory
1998 Winkelman, Jeffrey S Anthropology Astronomy, English
1997 Block, Miwa Physics Astronomy
1997 Konno, Takekatsu Mathematics Astronomy
1997 Mayfield, Paul Houghton Mathematics Astronomy
1997 Small, Timothy Burrell History Astronomy, Sociology
1997 Tomita, Mayu Mathematics Astronomy
1997 Woida, Patrick Michael Psychology Astronomy
1996 Celaya Contreras, Jose Maria Physics Astronomy
1996 Gad, Jason Andrew Computer Science Astronomy, Mathematics
1996 Lanson, Gregory Jay Media Arts Astronomy, Philosophy
1996 Oxnam, Maliaca G Psychology Astronomy
1995 Arnold, Tarissa Gay Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
1995 Gutierrez, Anthony Faro Mathematics Astronomy, Physics
1995 Krider, Dylan Otto Creative Writing Astronomy, Physics
1995 Phillips, Jeffrey Lee Political Science Astronomy, Physics
1994 Gomes, Jonathan Simon Physics Astronomy
1993 Kanter, Eric Stuart Spanish Astronomy, Physics
1992 Cheeley, Stephen Paul Mathematics Astronomy, Physics
1992 Deconde, Jennifer Anthea Physics Astronomy
1992 James, Duncan Ross Economics Astronomy
1992 Selander, David Gregory Mathematics Astronomy, Physics
1991 Barnhill, Jodi Lyn Physics Astronomy
1991 Burleigh, Phillip Townsend English Astronomy, Geosciences
1991 Norsworthy, Jane Elizabeth Physics Astronomy
1991 Tulagan, Joseph Camama Biochemistry Astronomy
1990 Keller, Luke David Physics Astronomy
1989 Lappin, Teresa K Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
1989 Masursky, Leo Mitchell History Astronomy
1989 Powell, Christopher Anthropology Astronomy, Geology
1989 Rudy, Timothy Albert Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
1989 Sato, Mitsuhiro Oriental Studies Astronomy
1988 Orourke, John Patrick Physics Astronomy
1988 Bowman, Clifford Myles Mathematics Astronomy, Chemistry
1988 Gaspar, Susan M Physics Astronomy, Mathematics
1988 Ortner, Glenn Jon Physics Astronomy


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