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Astronomy Minor - Liberal Arts Track

Date graduated Name Majors Minors
2022 Kiley, Ashlynn Maire Care, Health & Society Astronomy
2021 Lundstrom, Anya Victoria East Asian Studies/Creative Writing Astronomy
2021 Martinez, Kaili Estella Law Astronomy
2020 Holden, Mackenzie Jackson Public Management & Policy Astronomy
2020 Molina, Kevin Anthony Family Studies & Human Development Astronomy
2020 Collins, Haley Animal Sciences Astronomy
2020 DeStafano, Jackson Political Science Astronomy
2020 Ferrone, Nicholas Accounting Astronomy
2020 Gardner, Rebeca Neuroscience & Cognitive Science Astronomy
2020 Heller, Jacob Information Science & Tech. Astronomy
2020 Kang, Minseong Political Science Astronomical Studies
2020 Thirunagari, Prem Physiology Astrinomy
2019 Beiser, Emily Computer Science Astronomy
2019 Keane, Zachary Computer Science Astronomy
2019 Muse, Bryce Physiology Astronomy
2019 Sobhani, Layli Law Astronomy
2019 Steiner, Zachary English Astronomy
2019 Woods-Lubbert, Rebecca Psychology Astronomy
2018 Brewer, Andrew Law Astronomy
2018 Dalton, Cody Urban & Reg Dev Astronomy
2018 East, Taylor History Astronomy
2018 Kinney, Elizabeth Journalism Astronomy
2018 Lugo, Alexis Business Management Astronomy
2018 Martin, Seth Film & Television Astronomy
2018 Moraga III, Raul Civil Engineering Astronomy
2018 Murphy, Liam Systems Engineering Astronomy
2018 Nelson, William Psychology Astronomy
2018 Pama, Angelo Anthropology Astronomy
2018 Ramsbottom III, Gordon Urban & Reg Astronomy
2018 Rodas, Kimberly Political Science Astronomy
2018 Willems, Linden English Astronomy
2018 Zudekoff, Mindi Law Astronomy
2017 Bowers, Kade Optical Science Astronomy
2017 Fujimoto, Miles Studio Art Astronomy
2017 Goss, Nathaniel Philosophy Astronomy
2017 Guzman, Lance Theater Arts Astronomy
2017 Garrison, Joachim Creative Writing Astronomy
2017 Marquez, Nicolas Film & Television Astronomy
2017 Martin, Joseph History Astronomy
2017 Palma, Lauren Elementary Education Astronomy
2017 Ritter, Joshua Film & Television Astronomy
2017 Semon, Mary Psychology/Religious Studies Astronomy
2017 Sreedhar, Sai Akshay Psychology Astronomy
2017 Sylvester, Shannon Philosophy, Politics, Econ. & Law Astronomy
2017 Thaxton IV, John Neuroscience Astronomy
2017 Williams, Stephanie Creative Writing Astronomy
2016 Basadre, Gabriel Computer Science Astronomy
2016 Bass, Jack Information Science & Arts Astronomy
2016 Baucco, Alexandria English Astronomy
2016 Brown, Brandon Computer Science Astronomy
2016 Dale, Gabriel History Astronomy
2016 Eckley, Ross French Astronomy
2016 Ekstrom, William Political Science Astronomy
2016 Evans, Michael Journalism Astronomy
2016 Kareiva, Quentin Political Science Astronomy
2016 Lautenbach, Jennifer Retailing and Consumer Science Astronomy
2016 Ma, Zewei Psychology Astronomy
2016 Macias Sustaita, Alejandro Physiology Astronomy
2016 Sharpio, Aaron Geography Astronomy
2015 Encinas, Jr., Jorge Journalism Astronomy
2015 Farr, Natalia English Astronomy
2015 Niu, Ming Economics Astronomy
2015 Pierce, Preston Psychology Astronomy
2015 Rawlins, Jordann Psychology Astronomy
2015 Mace, Mikayla Neuroscience Astronomy
2015 Urbanski, Kayla Special Education (Deaf Studies) Astronomy
2015 Walker, Nicholas Linguistics Astronomy
2015 Wang, Yixuan Geography Astronomy
2015 Bassett, Sean Studio Art Astronomy
2015 Bauer, Philip Veterinary Science Astronomy
2015 Collier, Aryka General Studies Astronomy
2015 Genovese, Allison Creative Writing Astronomy
2015 Lincoln, Julianna Family Studies & Human Development Astronomy
2015 Molton, Ryan Political Science Astronomy
2015 Shely, Jr., Robert Management Information Systems Astronomy
2015 Thill, Nicole Journalism Astronomy
2014 Meyer, Alexandria Psychology Astronomy
2014 O’Mara, Morissa Sociology Astronomy
2014 Salgado, Jose Psychology Astronomy
2014 Shannahan, Michael-Padraig Classics Astronomy
2014 Smith, Jonathan Creative Writing Astronomy
2014 Carmona, Michael Economics Astronomy
2014 Lu, Zheshi Economics Astronomy
2014 Mactaggart, Lindsey Linguistics Astronomy
2014 Valenzuela, Anthony  Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law Astronomy
2014 Caviglia, Andria  Journalism Astronomy
2014 Evans, Alyssa English Astronomy
2014 Harper, Kyle Psychology Astronomy
2014 Holt, Austin Management Info Sys Astronomy
2014 Jackson, Michael Political Science Astronomy
2014 Leone, Julia Psychology Astronomy
2014 Leresche, Jamie Classics Astronomy
2014 Olivas, Mary A. Journalism Astronomy
2014 Ortega, Christian M. Sociology Astronomy
2014 Paskell, Matthew Philosophy Astronomy
2014 Rudolph, Danielle Communication Astronomy
2014 Wood, Jeanie Creative Writing Astronomy
2014 Workman, Joshua Creative Writing Astronomy
2014 Benkendorfer, Paul  Creative Writing Astronomy
2013 Hutchinson, Darryl East Asian Studies Astronomy
2013 Hart, Kailey English Astronomy
2013 Nieves, Amanda East Asain Studies Astronomy
2013 Payne, Hannah Speech, Language  Astronomy
2013 Poston, Victoria Anhropology Astronomy
2012 Gebow, Charles Theater Arts Astronomy
2012 Jones, Elia French Astronomy
2012 Passmore, Derek Media Arts Astronomy


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