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NIRCam is the Near InfraRed CAMera for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) which launched on December 25, 2021. JWST is an infrared-optimized 6.5-m cryogenic telescope that will have unprecedented sensitivity in the near and mid-infrared ( 1 - 28.5 microns). The NIRCam has a field of view of 2.2 X 2.2 arcmin in each of two modules and high angular resolution (0.07 arcsec at 2 microns). It covers a wavelength range of 0.6 to 5 micrometers and uses ten 2048 X 2048 pixel mercury-cadmium-telluride (HgCdTe) detector arrays. The instrument construction is led by the University of Arizona (with Lockheed Martin as the prime contractor and detectors from Teledyne Imaging Sensors); the Principal Investigator is Professor Marcia Rieke. Learn More.


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