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GMT segment 4 mirror official unveiling. Image courtesy Frank Gacon II.

GMT News and Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab GMT News

The making of the fourth, central, Giant Magellan Telescope mirror was highlighted HERE in the GMTO Quarterly Newsletter. You can see a number of articles and photos HERE, including an article about the new Univ. of Chicago Board member, the site testing tower and equipment, and new GMT headquarters. A substantial number of good photos can be found HERE.

Photo - Back row from left: Ruth McCutcheon, Bruce Hille, John Martin, Damien Jackson, Phil Muir, Karen Kenagy, Brit Kayner, Pat Peak, Paul Arbo, Jeff Rill, David Ashby, Greg Gasson.
Photo - Centerhole from left: Pat McCarthy, Caroline Garcia, Alan Gordon, Stuart Weinberger, Buddy Martin, Randy Lutz, Jeff Kingsley, Catherine Merrill, Roger Angel, Buell Jannuzi.

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