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From left: Stephanie Sallum, Ekta Patel, Ya-Lin Wu, Carolyn Raithel, Ryan Hofmann.

Congratulations to Prize Winners

Please join us in congratulating the following award-winning grads and undergrads:

Stephanie Sallum was selected to get the College of Sciences Scholarship Award for our department for her work on high contrast imaging of transition disks, leading to the first unambiguous detections of planets that are still forming.

Ekta Patel was given our COS Service Award and also a 2016 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. She is studying the evolution of massive satellite galaxies, such as the Large Magellanic Cloud and M33, that are orbiting galaxies with masses analogous to the Milky Way and M31. She is a Tucson Women in Astronomy mentor for undergrads, for grads in "Minority Engagement in Science and Technology", and for elementary school students in Project ASTRO.

Ya-Lin Wu received our COS Teaching Award for his work in Astr 170, Astr 201, and Astr 202. He is using high contrast imaging to study the properties of exoplanets.

Carolyn Raithel has been awarded a 2016 NSF Graduate Student Fellowship. She studies high energy theory such as the neutron star equation of state.

Ryan Hofmann, a senior undergraduate astronomy major, is the Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory's Spring 2016 recipient of our "Outstanding Senior" and "Excellence in Research" awards. During his time at the UA Ryan has worked on large-scale mapping of giant molecular clouds, and on observations of core-collapse supernovae and other transient sources.

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