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Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentors are assigned to each student with Astronomy as their major. Check with the Academic Office if you do not know who your mentor is and the staff will be able to help you. Astronomy majors are recommended to meet with their mentors as they can be a valuable source of information and support for more general matters, and a reference for scholarships, job applications, graduate school, etc. Please see the list of Undergraduate Faculty Mentors below:





Tom Fleming


SO 209

Brenda Frye


SO 336

Kaitlin Kratter


SO N328

David Smith


PAS, 261

Ann Zabludoff


SO 312

If you are interested in declaring as an Astronomy major, please contact Brenda Frye and David Smith.

Further Information is also available by contacting:

Department of Astronomy Academic Office
933 N Cherry Avenue, Room N204 
Tucson AZ 85721-0065 
Phone: (520) 621-2288 
Fax: (520) 621-1532




For the public
For Public

Public events include our Monday Night Lecture Series, world-reknowned Astronomy Camp and Mt Lemmon Sky Center.

For Students

A good place to start if you want to become an undergrad major or grad student, or need to find our schedule of classes.


For Scientists
For Scientists

Find telescopes and instruments, telescope time applications, staff and mountain contacts, and faculty and staff scientific interests.