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Scientific Talks

SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series Talks are held in Steward Observatory N210 at 3:30pm on Thursdays. Coffee will be available at 3:15. Light refreshments are served after the talk. Click here to stream podcasts of previous coloquium talks.

TAP Colloquium Series are held in LPL 308 at 4pm on Mondays with refreshments starting at 3:45.

In addition to these special talks we remind you that Steward Journal Club is every Wednesday at Noon in N305. NOAO FLASH is every Friday from 12:00-1:00pm.

Other ongoing talk series are at Planetary Sciences (LPL) on Tuesdays at 3:45pm, and Physics colloq are on Fridays at 3pm.

Steward Observatory Science Coffee is held at 10:30am on Mondays & Wednesdays and at 9:30am on Fridays. This is where graduate students, faculty, and postdocs discuss a handful of recent ArXiv papers over the course of half an hour.

Spring 2017

1/19/2017: Erika Hamden, Caltech:
Observing the Faint Universe in Emission

2/02/2017: Alan Stern, SWRI:
The Pluto System as Explored by New Horizons

4/06/2017: Jay Farihi, UCL:
Exoplanetary Archaeology: Observing the Fossil Record of Rocky Planetary Systems

4/13/2017: Tabetha Boyajian, LSU:
Sizing up the Stars

4/27/2017: Simon Hodgkin, Cambridge:
Mapping the Transient Sky with Gaia

5/04/2017: Iair Arcavi, UCSB/LCO:
New Ways of Doing Time-Domain Astronomy: Supernovae, TDEs and Beyond

Fall 2017