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Other Talks for the Professional Community


10:30am: AstroPHD Coffee, Library

   Steward Observatory Science Coffee is held at 10:30AM on Mondays & Wednesdays and at 9:30AM on Fridays where graduate students, faculty, and postdocs discuss a handful of recent ArXiv papers over the course of half an hour.

Noon: Origins Seminar (SO N305 or LPL 309). Contact Serena Kim, Theodora Karalidi, or Gijs Mulders for more information.

Noon: Steward/NOAO Galaxy Group, SO N305. Contact Ben Weiner for more information.

Exoplanet Journal Club, Kuiper Space Sciences 309

3pm: Extreme Astrophysics Group, SO ??

4pm: Theoretical Astrophysics Program Colloquium, SO N210

7:30pm: Steward Observatory Public Evening Lectures


Noon: Observer's Lunch, Steward N305. Bring your own lunch

1:30pm: Steward Observatory Science Coffee, Parker Room Library

3:00pm: NOAO Science Coffee, NOAO Interaction Room

3:30pm. Lunar and Planetary Lab Colloquium, Kuiper Space Sciences 308


10:30am: AstroPHD Coffee, Library

Noon: Astronomy Journal Club, Steward N305. Contact Asst Prof Gurtina Besla for Spring 2017 information.

3pm: Planet and Disks Seminar, Steward N450


3:30: Optical Sciences Colloquium, Meinel 307

4pm: Steward Observatory/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series, Steward N210


9:30am: AstroPHD Coffee, Library

11pm: Steward Observatory Science Coffee, Parker Room Library

Noon: FLASH (NOAO Science Lunch)

3:00pm: Physics Colloquium, PAS 224

4:30pm: NOAO Happy Hour, NOAO Courtyard

Additions or corrections: email Amanda Morris last update: 1/11/17