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The Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory is a world renowned scientific institution conducting research at the forefront of modern astronomy. Our faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students are active in the fields of observational, computational, laboratory, and theoretical astronomy. 

There is a wide array of research interests reflected in the work of the departmentm from the detection of new planets to measuring light from more than half a Universe away. We have a significant focus on the design and construction of cutting-edge instrumentation both for ground and space based facilities. The demands of making precision measurements take our observers to far-flung telescopes, and demand pioneering design for new instruments. Additional information on research conducted at Steward Observatory is provided in the links on the right.


  • Research Areas: Astronomers at Steward Observatory engage in research spanning a wide variety of disciplines. A summary of these research areas and the professors and students affiliated with those is available among these links.
  • Doctoral Dissertations: PDF's of Steward doctoral dissertations back to 2003 are available at this site. We are constantly adding the older dissertation links.
  • Research Units: In certain cases, research groups become more formal and have a defined organizational structure. Here we list those within Steward Observatory.
  • Collaborative Research Facilities and Centers: Steward Observatory is involved with on-going collaborations around the world to currently operating facilities, as well as envisioned research facilties under development.