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Angel, J. Roger P.

Regents' Professor of Astronomy and Optical Sciences
Areas of Interest: Adaptive optics, Instrumentation, Extrasolar planets, Telescope design and optical fabrication, Geoengineering, Concentrating photovoltaic solar energy

Apai, Daniel

Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences
Areas of Interest: Exoplanetary Atmospheres, Extrasolar planets, Planet Formation, Astrobiology

Arnett, W. David

Regents' Professor of Astrophysics
Areas of Interest: Theoretical Astrophysics, Supernovae, Stellar Astronomy

Axelrod, Tim


Bechtold, Jill

Areas of Interest: Cosmology, Intergalactic Medium, Instrumentation, Extragalactic Astronomy, Active Galactic Nuclei

Beshore, Ed

Senior Staff Scientist (LPL)
Areas of Interest: Instrumentation, Planetary Astronomy

Besla, Gurtina

Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Theoretical Astrophysics, Galaxy Formation, Dwarf Galaxies, Local Group Dynamics, Dark Matter and Structure Formation

Bieging, John

Areas of Interest: Interstellar Medium, Galactic Astronomy, Star Formation

Brown, Robert

Professor (LPL)
Areas of Interest: Solar System, Planetary Astronomy

Burge, James

Professor of Optical Sciences (OSC)
Areas of Interest: Optical system engineering, optical testing and precision metrology, fabrication of aspheric surfaces, development of ultra-lightweight mirrors for space, design and fabrication of diffractive optics, stellar interferometry, astronomical instrumentation

Close, Laird

Areas of Interest: Brown Dwarfs, Adaptive optics, Instrumentation, Infrared Astronomy, Extrasolar planets, Galactic Astronomy, Star Formation, Astrobiology

Cocke, W. John

Emeritus Professor
Areas of Interest: Theoretical Astrophysics, Probability and Statistics

Codona, Johanan

Senior Research Scientist
Areas of Interest: Adaptive optics, Instrumentation, Interferometry, High-Contrast Imaging

Egami, Eiichi

Areas of Interest: Cosmology, Infrared Astronomy, Extragalactic Astronomy