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On April 22, 2023 we will be celebrating 100 years of discovery with the Steward Observatory Dome and the 36-inch first “All-American” made reflecting telescope,” both still in use today. This telescope is part of the SpaceWatch® Program on Kitt Peak, which monitors objects in space that might present a hazard to Earth.

Celebrating 100-Years of Discovery!

Open House: Learn How Our Discoveries Will Transform Our Understanding of the Universe in the Next Century!
Saturday, April 22, 2023: 1:00 – 5:00 pm MST
Steward Observatory, 933 N. Cherry Ave. Dome and Room N210
Nearest Parking: 2nd Street and Cherry Ave. Garage

1:00 pm

Welcome and Rededication of the Dome and 36” Telescope

1:30 pm


2:00 pm

A series of brief talks sharing the exciting research taking place today and what we expect to discover in our next 100 years. Attendees will have an opportunity to sample the diverse astronomy and astrophysics research being done by our students, staff, and faculty.

5:00 pm



Steward Observatory 100-Year Celebration Science Talk Schedule
April 22, 2023


2:00 - 2:15

SPACEWATCH® at 40 Years:  Asteroids, Planetary Defense, and the Steward Observatory 36” Telescope

Melissa Brucker, Spacewatch


2:15 - 2:25

Star formation in nearby galaxies - peering through dust with the James Webb Space Telescope

Daniel Maschmann


2:25 - 2:35

The mystery of the brightest gamma-ray burst of all time!

Manisha Shrestha


2:35 - 2:45

Taking Pictures of Exoplanets with Steward Observatory Telescopes

Jared Males


2:45 - 2:55

Finding Hidden Monsters with Steward Observatory

Raphael Hviding


2:55 - 3:05

Machine learning reveals how supermassive black holes grow with galaxies 

Haowen Zhang


Break 15 minutes


3:20 - 3:30

The JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey: Discovery of an Extreme Galaxy Overdensity at z = 5.4 with JWST/NIRCam in GOODS-S

Jakob Helton


3:30 - 3:40

Resolving Nearby Black Holes With The Event Horizon Telescope

Jasmin Washington


3:40 - 3:50

CatSat - UA's most advanced cubesat 

Hilliard Wegner Paige III


3:50 - 4:00

Fundamental physics with large cosmological datasets - weighing neutrinos with galaxy observables

Paul Rogozenski


4:00 - 4:10

The Pandora SmallSat Mission: Characterizing Exoplanets and their Host Stars

Megan Mansfield


4:10 - 4:20

Steward, Stars, and (Exo) Solar Systems 

Kevin Hardegree Ullman


4:20 - 4:30

GUSTO: Mapping the ISM in the Galaxy

Del Spangler


4:30 - 4:40

From lab to outer space- Developing new technologies and space telescopes to study the Circumgalactic Medium and its role in galaxy formation and evolution

Aafaque Khan


4:40 - 4:50

Probing galaxies in the early Universe with JWST

Lily Whitler


4:50 - 5:00

Closing Remarks

Buell Jannuzi


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