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1/30/20: SO/NSF's OIR Lab Joint Colloquium Series: Marc Postman, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)


Title: LUVOIR: Telling the Story of Life in the Universe

The Large Ultraviolet Optical Near-IR (LUVOIR) space observatory is one of four strategic mission concepts funded by NASA up for consideration for operation in the 2030s and beyond. LUVOIR is a community-driven facility that will be able to perform direct spectroscopy of dozens of exoEarth candidates, high-fidelity, Solar System remote sensing, and transformative astrophysics. LUVOIR is a UV-capable telescope that is compatible with high-constrast exoplanet observations. Its wavelength range is 100–2500 nm, diffraction limited at 500 nm. Two designs were developed in significant detail - an 8-m off-axis telescope and a 15-m on-axis telescope in order to respond to a range of future funding landscapes. I will present the key science drivers, design considerations, technical challenges, and cost estimates of the LUVOIR concepts.

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