• Fall 2024: Stellar physics (AST400A)

Guest lectures

  • Feb 2024 Convection and mixing length theory (University of Arizona): notes, movie from Anders et al. 2022,
  • Nov 2022 Nuclear physics in stars (Columbia)
  • Mar 2021 Connecting X-ray binaries and GW sources (CUNY)
  • Apr 2020 Uncertainties in stellar radii (CUNY)
  • Mar 2020 Runaway stars and binary rejuvenation (Harvard)
  • Mar 2019 Last burning phases of massive stars and CCSNe (University of Amsterdam)
  • Mar 2019 Microphysics of nuclear burning in stars (University of Amsterdam)
  • Feb 2018 Nuclear reaction networks (University of Amsterdam)
  • Jun 2017 Population synthesis and runaways (University of Amsterdam)
  • Jan 2016 Stellar evolution codes (University of Amsterdam)

Public notes