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What's New

We have resurrected the What's New page. Here we will post major changes to the website, starting Aug 29. Newer things will always be on top of older things.

March 28, 2018: 

We now have a "UA Resources" area with such disparate things as "Ombuds," and "International Travel Registry" in it. You can find it in the menus near the top of the main page. We renamed "Resources" "S.O. Resources."


Oct 13, 2017: There is now a listing of Steward Committee Assignments (requires NetID login). It's under RESOURCES.


Sept 7:

The site now has a link to the Steward Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee chaired by Marcia Rieke:


Aug 29: In both the "Welcome" area and the "Resources" area we have added dropdowns for:
a) "Information for new Faculty, postdocs and grads." This is the beginning of a major work. Right now it's simply a list. Much more text will be added over time. Amanda Morris and Marcia Rieke are the authors.
b) "Promoting a Healthy & Welcoming Environment for Students, Staff & Faculty." Some of the wording will change over the near term. Contact Mattea Wallace.
c) "University Resources for Postdocs". This is a UA page- George Rieke is involved. Clicking on it sends you directly to the University website