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UKIRT is located on Mauna Kea on the island of Hawai’i. UKIRT is currently being funded by NASA and operated under a Scientific Cooperation Agreement among Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, the University of Hawaii, and the University of Arizona. Below are links to the optical and instrument specifications to assist observers.


UKIRT Specifications

Location Specifications


-155d 28' 23."6±0."2


+19d 49' 32."2±0."2


4194±6.0 m

Telescope Specifications

Primary mirror diameter

3802.5±1.0 mm

Focal Length  

135256 ±87mm


English Yoke with Dec limit +60o 07’

Additional Information on telescope and optical specifications


Wide-Field Camera


10-20µm imager and long-slit spectrograph


1-5µm Imager and Spectrograph


UKIRT Fast-Track Imager  1-2.5µ

Additional Information


UKIRT Specifications


*Particularly useful links for observing preparation with WFCAM include the Observing Preparation and User Guide FAQs web pages.


Weather and webcams for Mauna Kea are found at Mauna Kea Weather.

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