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Space Drafts Public Talk Series

In a public talk series hosted by Borderland Brewery, space science researchers from the Department of Astronomy, the Lunar and Planetary Lab, UA Physics, the Planetary Science Institute, and NOAO share cutting edge research happening right here in Tucson.
All events, located at the Borderlands Brewery tap room (directions), are free and open to all ages. Dogs welcome too! Events consist of two ~30 minute talks + Q&A. Talks start at 7:30pm; please come a few minutes early to get a seat. Pizza is available that can be purchased by the slice, or you're welcome to bring your own food.
Please direct questions to Sarah Morrison (morrison at, Gautham Narayan (gnarayan at, or Evan Schneider (eschneider at
Please note: our website for future talk listings can now be found at future events will be posted there.
Fall 2016
December 21
The Physics of Space Battles (speaker TBD)
October 26
Sarah Sutton (LPL): Exploring Mars in 3D
Dr. Ed Prather (UA Astronomy): Exoplanet Jeopardy
October 19
Dr. Gautham Narayan (NOAO): Space Drafts and TSO - The Planets!
September 28
Decker French (UA Astronomy): Galactic Mergers and Supermassive Black Hole Chaos
Kevin Wagner (UA Astronomy): A World with Three Suns
August 31
Dr. Kevin Hainline (UA Astronomy): Hunting for Hidden Supermassive Black Holes
James Keane (LPL): Our Moon's Gravity: Results from the NASA GRAIL Mission
July 6
Drs. Stacey Alberts and Jonathan Fraine (Steward Observatory): To Boldly Look Where No One Has Looked Before: The Science of James Webb Space Telescope
Spring 2016
June 29
Dr. Vishnu Reddy (PSI): Get Rich or Die: Separating Facts from Fiction about Asteroids and Meteors
Dani Della Giustina (LPL): Insider's Scoop: the OSIRIS-REx Mission to Sample an Asteroid
May 11
Michelle Thompson (LPL): From outer space to the lab: exploring lunar and asteroid soils
Dr. Chris Impey (UA Astronomy): Our Future in Space!
April 13
Margaret Landis (LPL): Cold with a Good Chance of Ice: What Mars Can Teach Us About Climate Change
Dr. Patrick Kelly (UC Berkeley): Deja Vu Supernova!
March 30
Dheeraj Golla (UA Physics): A brief history of time keeping
Alex Brummer (UA Physics): The physics of beer
February 24
Dr David O'Brien (Planetary Science Institute): The Dawn Mission at Ceres
Sarah Jones (UA Physics): Searching for New Physics with the Large Hadron Collider
January 27
Dr Rachael Livermore (University of Texas Austin): Fun Times with Gravitational Lensing
Fall 2015
December 9  Dr Jennifer Andrews
November 11  Dr Ian Crossfield
Small Stars, Small Planets
October 21  Dr Theodora Karalidi
Rainbows on Exoplanets: Searching for signs of clouds and life on other worlds
September 23  Dr Kat Volk
The Kuiper Belt: Revealing the History of the Solar System
August 19  Dr Veronica Bray
Pluto: Up Close and Personal
July 15  Jordan Stone
The Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
Spring 2015
June 3  Lisa May Walker
How Galaxies Grow: Unveiling the Mystery of Compact Groups
May 13  Alessondra Springmann
Radar Love: Recent Asteroid and Comet Results from Arecibo Observatory Planetary Radar
April 15  Dr. Colette Salyk
Origins of Planets
March 11  Rob Zellem
Exoplanets: Finding Life in the Galaxy
February 11  Donna Viola & Ali Bramson
Crazy Craters: Windows into Martian Ice
January 14   Dr. Gautham Narayan
If you only knew the power of the dark side: A tale of exploding stars, an accelerating Universe, and a Mysterious Force
Fall 2014
December 10  Dr. Dave O'Brien
The Giant Asteroid Vesta: Highlights from NASA's Dawn Mission
November 19   Megan Reiter
Watching stars grow up with the Hubble Space Telescope
October 15   Dr. Jean Masterson
MAVEN: Gearing up for Comet Siding Spring
September 24 (*rescheduled*)   Dr. Jared Males 
Imaging Extrasolar Planets
August 13   Kristin Block               
Exploring Mars with HiRISE
July 2   Dr. Karin Sandstrom     
Our Dusty Universe
June 10   Hannah Tanquary        
OSIRIS-REX and Arizona: Exploring the new "Wild West"