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Recordings of Public Portions of PhD Oral Exams

Starting during the pandemic of 2020, some of our Ph.D. student dissertation defenses (public portions) were recorded and are archived on this page.



Name Degree Advisor Public Talk
2021 Bilinski, Christopher PhD N. Smith  
2021 Bixel, Alex PhD D. Apai Thesis Defense
2021 Garavito Camargo, Juan Nicolas  PhD G. Besla  
2021 Hammer, Michael PhD K. Kratter  
2021 Kadowaki, Jennifer PhD D. Zaritsky  
2020 Ball, David PhD F. Ozel  
2020 Li, Rixin PhD A. Youdin  
2020 O'Donnell, Christine PhD P. Behroozi Thesis Defense
2020 Raithel, Carolyn PhD F. Ozel  
2020 Senchyna, Peter PhD D. Stark  
2020 Smullen, Rachel PhD K. Kratter  
2020 Spalding, Eckhart PhD K. Morzinski Thesis Defense
2020 Tang, Mengtao PhD D. Stark  
2020 Wagner, Kevin PhD D. Apai Thesis Defense


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