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Materials on Order

Author Title Date Ordered
Annual Reviews, Inc. Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Standing Orders
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series volumes Standing Order
Bennett Cosmic Perspective. -- 8th ed. 23 Aug 2017
Bromm First Stars 20 Sep 2017
Eldridge Structure and Evolution of Stars 11 Jan 2017
Goodwin / Bastian Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters 1 Sep 2016
Kay 21st Century Astronomy : Stars. -- 5th ed. 23 Aug 2017
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Observer's Handbook (year) Standing Order
Shu Physics of Astrophysics. -- Vol. 2 (replacement copy) 23 Aug 2017
Smith Modern Lens Design -- 3rd ed. 1 Sep 2016
US Naval Observatory Astronomical Almanac for ...year Standing Order