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Classes and Reserve for Spring Semester 2017

  Course Name
Location Syllabus /
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  ASTR 170B1
The Physical Universe
L1 J. Bieging TuTh 10:00 am SO N210 Paw
    L2 E. Olszewski MWF 11:00 am SO N210 Pawboth
    L3 C. Walker MWF 12:00 pm SO N210  
    L4 T. Fleming MW 1:00 pm FLANDRAU Paw / Paw
    L5 E. Prather TuTh 11:00 am SEL 200SW Paw
Reserve Bennett / The Cosmic Perspective -- 7th ed.
  ASTR 201
L1 D. McCarthy TuTh 9:30 am ILC 150 Paw/ Paw
Reserve Hawking / Briefer History of Time
  ASTR 202
Life in the Universe
L1 L. Close MWF 2:00 pm SO N210  
  ASTR 203
L1 K. Kratter TuTh 2:00 pm Flandrau  
  ASTR 204
Great Debates in Astronomy
L1 A. Zabludoff MWF 1:00 pm ILC 137 Paw
  ASTR 296A
Topics in Astronomical Research
L1 E Olszewski Tu 4:00 pm SO 204 Paw
  ASTR 300B
Astronomy and Astrophysics
L1 Y. Shirley MWF 2:00 pm EDUC 432  
Reserve Draine / Physics of the Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium
Irwin / Astrophysics : Decoding the Cosmos -- 7th ed.
  ASTR 302
Introduction to Observational Astronomy
L1 D. Zaritsky
E. Green
MWF 3:00 pm SO 204 Paw
  ASTR 320
Philosophy and History of Astronomical Thought
L1 P. Gabor TuTh 12:30 pm SO 204 Paw
  ASTR 333
Astronomy and the Arts
L1 R. Poss TuTh 11:00 am SO 204  
Reserve Brecht / Galileo
Durrenmatt / Physicists
Hardy / Two on a Tower : Romanace
Kipphardt / In Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer
  ASTR 337
Connecting with the Sky
L1 D. McCarthy MW
6:00 pm
12:00 pm
ILC 141 Paw/ Paw
  ASTR 400B
Theoretical Astrophysics
L1 D. Stark TuTh 2:00 pm SO 202  
Reserve Sparke, Gallagher / Galxies in the Universe : An Introduction -- 2nd ed.
  ASTR/OPTI 416/516
Modern Astronomical Optics
L1 O. Guyon / P. Hinz
M. Hart
TuTh 9:30 am OPTI 422  
Reserve Schroeder / Astronomical Optics -- 2nd ed.
Seager / Exoplanet (Space Science Series)
  ASTR 475/575
Planetary Astrobiology
L1 J. Eisner / D. Apai TuTh 2:00 pm SO 204 Paw/ Paw
  ASTR 520
Advanced Extragalactic Astronomy
L1 G. Besla MWF 3:00 pm SO 202 Paw/ Paw
  ASTR 599
Journal Club
L1 G. Besla W 12:00 pm SO N305 Paw
  PHYS 305
Computational Physics
L1 P. Pinto TuTh 11:00 am SO 208