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Ozel and Thompson Become APS Fellows

Ozel and Thompson Become APS Fellows

Buell Jannuzi announced the good news that the American Physical Society's Council of Representatives, at its September 2015 meeting, acted favorably on the nominations of Professor Feryal Ozel and Professor Rodger Thompson for Fellowship in the American Physical Society upon the recommendation of the Division of Astrophysics. Election to the Fellowship is limited to no more than one half of one percent of the membership of the APS and is awarded in recognition of their outstanding contributions to physics. Their individual citations are as follows:

Dr. Feryal Ozel, "For pathbreaking theoretical and observational contributions to understanding the behavior of high energy astrophysical systems in the universe, including neutron stars, magnetars and black holes; and for her leadership in the astrophysics community."

Dr. Rodger Thompson, "For work in infrared instrumentation and studies of stellar nucleosynthesis, star formation, and active galactic nuclei; his pivotal role as principal investigator for NICMOS on the Hubble Space telescope; and his use of that instrument to pursue high redshift cosmology, AGNs, and star formation."

Congratulations, Feryal and Rodger.