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Schulman Telescope CCD Camera and Detailed Imaging Specifications

CCD Camera:       SBIG STX (KAF-16803) 4096x4096   9µ pixels

Plate Scale:           0.33”/pixel

Field of View:      22’ x 22’

Filters:   65mm square Broadband (AstroDon GenII) Red, Green, Blue also Clear (IR blocked) and 4.5nm H-alpha filters.

Faint limit of main detector for a 300 second exposure: 21st-22nd magnitude (Clear)

Chip has anti-blooming gate. Linear to 35,000 ADU

On board (dual chip SBIG design) guide chip. Filters cover guide chip.

Guide star faint limits: Clear: 13th magnitude, RGB: approximately 12th magnitude, H-alpha: 10th magnitude

60% Quantum Efficiency at 550nm

Instrument rotator (0.1 degree precision)

40-inch Electroluminescent Flat field panel

Unbinned (and uncalibrated) image size: 32Mb

CCD readout time 6 seconds (unbinned)

Autofocus time, 2 minutes

Filter select time 6 seconds

Instrument rotator full revolution 2 minutes

Sample Images of NGC1977

RGB Combined

Red Filter

Green Filter

Blue Filter