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Schulman Telescope and Observatory

Telescope specifications


Diameter:              0.8m

Focal Length:      5695mm (approximately f/7)

Operational Hour Angle from -5.2 to +5.2

Typical RMS guide errors 1.5 pixels (0.5 arcseconds)

Unguided exposures possible for up to 300 second exposures

All sky pointing: approximately 60” using T-point (1 arcsecond tolerance for final commanded position after plate solution and offset)

Equatorial Fork mount with no periodic error (friction drive)

Telescope slew rate: 8 degrees per second


Observatory Specifications


Percentage of usable nights between September and June is approximately 70%

Average seeing as measured in long exposures (> 300 seconds) is approximately 1.1”

MPC observatory code G84

West longitude (h.m.s) =   7 23 09, Latitude (d.m) =  32 26.5

Altitude: 9157 ft.

Full Dome Rotation: 2 minutes

Dome shutter open/close: 5 minutes