Diversity Journal Club

Welcome to the Steward Observatory Diversity Journal club website.
The Diversity Journal Club is a space created to engage with the Steward Observatory community at all levels on topics of equity, inclusion, and diversity. As well to address the needs of our community and discuss meaningful changes we can make to make Steward a more welcoming and inclusive community.

Logistics: The Diversity Journal club happens once every month. The topic of each session is either selected at previous meetings or chosen by a volunteer that wants to discuss the article. The selected article/articles has to be sent out at least three days before the day of the meeting.

If you want to be added to the email list please send an email to the organizers.

Code of conduct:

1. This is a space for everyone to learn and grow.
2. We will work together to prioritize the voices and needs of the most vulnerable in any given conversation.
3. Disagree with ideas, not people; use "I" statements to speak from your personal perspective, rather than making generalizations.
4. Be conscious of how much space you're taking up in a conversation; be extra conscious if you hold a privileged or dominant identity when discussing a form of inequality or oppression.
5. Avoid playing devil’s advocate: specifically, do not argue for contrarian positions that you do not actually hold.
6. Personal stories should be respected; what is shared in discussions should not be discussed outside of the group without that individual’s permission.


Date Article/Presentation Speaker
TBD Conversation About Mental Health | N305 & Zoom link here Group Discussion

previous meetings

Previous meetings:

During the Fall 2020 semester we hosted a series of meetings to discuss (AIP's TEAM-UP Report). This report "uncovers long-term systemic issues within the physics and astronomy communities that contribute to the underrepresentation of African Americans in these fields and makes important, actionable recommendations for community wide efforts to reverse this trend." By reading through this report we pointed to key issues that were specific to Steward and came up with ways to address them as a group.

Date Article/Presentation Speaker
September 21st, 2021 @ 3:30 CAPS Resources & Mental Health (slides) Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS)
1/29/21 Systemic Racism in Science Communication Dr. Dione (Dee) Rossiter
12/3/20 TEAM-UP Report Part 5 (slides) Sam Scibelli
11/5/20 TEAM-UP Report Part 4 (slides) Carlos Vargas
10/8/20 TEAM-UP Report Part 3 (slides) Kevin Hainline & Everett Schlawin
9/10/20 TEAM-UP Report Part 2 (slides) Sam Scibelli
8/27/20 TEAM-UP Report Part 1 (slides) Allie Hughes
6/4/20 Link to Town Hall Notes DJC Organizers
2/18/20 The Nonbinary Fraction: Looking Towards the Future of Gender Equity in Astronomy Erin Maier
12/12/19 Experiences as a Person of Color in Astronomy Special guest: Dr. Keith Hawkins
10/18/19 Diversity in the classroom Special guest: Dr. Jorge Moreno
12/6/18 TMT response to protests Special guest: Christine O'Donnell
11/01/18 Resources on Campus Organizers
10/24/18 Science & Gender Discussion Special guest: Dr. Gurtina Besla


The Diversity Journal Club is organized by graduate students and post-docs:

Current organizers:
Samantha Scibelli : sscibelli@email.arizona.edu
Nicolas Garavito-Camargo: jngaravitoc@email.arizona.edu
Carlos Vargas: cjvargas@email.arizona.edu

Previous organizers:
Erin Maier: erinrmaier@email.arizona.edu