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11/29/18: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: Irene Shivaei, Steward


Title: Stellar and Dust Content of Galaxies at High Redshifts

Abstract: Understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies remains one of the greatest challenges of modern cosmology. Some of the key questions are: What are the physical processes driving the evolution of star formation in individual galaxies? How does the gas and dust content of galaxies evolve throughout cosmic time? Addressing these questions requires multi-wavelength observations of galaxy populations across cosmic time. In this talk, I will focus on what we learn from rest-frame optical spectroscopic surveys of galaxies during cosmic noon (z~1-3), and will show how incorporating multi-wavelength datasets, from UV to IR, advances our understanding of the stellar and dust content of high-redshift galaxies. I will compare and investigate the advantages and shortcomings of some of the most commonly-used star formation rate indicators at high redshifts, and present results on the characteristics of dust emission/attenuation at z~2. These results will guide future JWST observations to higher redshifts and fainter objects, covering a larger dynamical range of galaxy populations across cosmic time.