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Images from Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, Third Edition
Here you will find individual .jpg versions of all the artwork in Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, Third Edition. You will also find Power Point slides of each image grouped by sections in the book.

Voting Card

Instructional Strategy How-To Guides

Astronomy Assessment and Think-Pair-Share Questions

Here are classroom-tested Think-Pair-Share and Astronomy Assessment Questions. Many of these questions were created alongside the Lecture-Tutorials, Ranking Tasks, and Concept Inventory development programs to support the teaching of Astro 101. Be sure to thoroughly review any questions before using them in your classroom. Note; there are often several variations on a question topic.

The Night Sky

Fundamentals of Astronomy

Nature of Light and Astronomy

Our Solar System
Stars, Galaxies, and Beyond

Detecting Exoplanets with the Transit Method Curriculum

Detecting Exoplanets with Gravitational Microlensing Curriculum

Radio Curriculum

Unpublished Ranking Tasks

Apparent & Absolute Magnitude

Doppler Shift


Kepler's Laws - Orbital Motion
Luminosity of Stars

Phases of the Moon

The Seasons

Motion of the Sky
Stellar Evolution

Stellar Evolution & Lookback Time

Size & Scale

Exam Banks

Spring 2008

Fall 2008
Spring 2009


Lecture PowerPoint Presentations

CAE Workshop Slides


Additional Resources