About CAE

The Center for Astronomy Education (CAE) is devoted to improving teaching and learning in general education college-level Earth, Astronomy and Space Science (Astro 101) by conducting fundamental research on students’ beliefs and conceptual and reasoning difficulties related to astronomy, and instructor implementation related to teaching Astro 101. We use the results of our research to inform the development of research-validated curriculum and assessment materials. These materials frame our professional development CAE Teaching Excellence Workshops, which are designed to support instructors in their efforts to create effective active learning classrooms, whether in-person or online.

Executive Director
Edward Prather
Steward Observatory and Department of Astronomy
University of Arizona

Associate Director
Rica Sirbaugh French
Professor of Astronomy
MiraCosta College

A composite image of stellar cluster NGC 1333
A composite image of stellar cluster NGC 1333. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech