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The highest resolution image of Centaurus A obtained with the Event Horizon Telescope on top of a color composite image of the entire galaxy. R. Bors; ESO/WFI; MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A. Weiß et al.; NASA/CXC/CfA/R. Kraft et al.; EHT/M. Janßen et al.

Recent Press Releases from Dept. Astronomy/Steward Observatory

Three of the latest research press releases from Dept of Astronomy and Steward Observatory (hit "more" for the third one, the NEID planet finder spectrograph):

1) Structure of the jet in the M87 black hole from Event Horizon Telescope data

Work by a large consrtium including many  UArizona scientists: Dan Marrone and Chi-Kwan Chan are quoted in the UANews article.

    "Event Horizon Telescope Pinpoints Heart of the Nearest Radio Galaxy

    "Event Horizon Telescope Reveals Curious Jet Structure from Black Hole

2) "Organic Molecules Offer Clues About Dying Stars and Outskirts of the Milky Way"

Lucy Ziurys and colleagues map organic molecules in planetary nebulae. Also grad student Lilia Koelemay finds organic molecules out to 20 kpc...

Guidelines for Steward and Department of Astronomy Return to Campus

Addition of July 23, 2021: The updated UArizona protocols can be found HERE.

Addition on July 7, 2021: TRAVEL GUIDELINES UNDER COVID (see link)


(This is the second version of these guidelnes, posted May 19, 2019. UPDATE on June 14- no more Wildcat Wellcheck.)

These guidelines/policies and answers to FAQs are intended to provide information...

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