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Özel and Lauer Discuss Their Work on the NOVA Show "Black Hole Apocalypse"

Just in time for the winter American Astronomical Society meeting, PBS is showing (Weds, Jan 10,  at 8pm MST on KUAT here in Tucson) a 2-hour show about black holes entitled "Black Hole Apocalypse." Mikalya Mace of the Arizona Daily star has written a nice article HERE. Two of the scientific cast are Dr Tod Lauer of NOAO, a member of the original HST "Nuker" team that showed that supermassive black holes were ubiquitous in large galaxies, and Steward Professor Feryal ​Özel, a member of the "Event Horizon Telescope" team aiming to make a high resolution (comparable to the size of the Event Horizon) radio snapshot of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. You can read updates and information  on the EHT (data have arrived from Antarctica!) HERE and HERE. Another very good article is found HERE.

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