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Proposals for Time on Optical/IR Telescopes


We anticipate that there could  be a ~14 day MagAO run in 2017A with shared risk since there will be a new detector in Clio3
The adaptive optics system (f/15 secondary) on the MMT will be undergoing significant renovation beginning in 2017 and will be unavailable for an estimated 18 months. Improvements to the system will include new software and hardware, as well as a re-aluminized secondary mirror, and upgrades to the ARIES instrument (PIs Craig Kulesa and Don McCarthy).
It is anticipated that there will be one or two runs in early 2017A, with the normal proposal deadlines and TAC assessment. This 2017A run will be the last opportunity to use the AO system before it is taken offline.

Here are the most recent forms for applying to MMT, Magellan, LBT, UKIRT, VATT, 90", 61", 60", Minnesota 60", etc


soprop.cls (you'll need to save this page once it's displayed or do some right-click magic)

Time on all Optical/IR UAO telescopes is allocated in two semesters: January-July (A) and August-December (B). Proposal deadlines are now October 1 and April 1, or a nearby date if the time falls on a weekend: see the call for proposals email.  Late proposals will not be considered.


We have moved to an electronic-only proposal submission process. Submit electronically (both the filled in tex form and the processed pdf version) at link (password available in email proposal announcement or from TAC chair). Unless you have special permission from the TAC chair, the proposals must be submitted by the deadline.

Make sure to download the current proposal template file (v1.32) soprop.tex and class file soprop.cls, which are required to produce the pdf file that is uploaded by the electronic submission form. Your proposal will not be processed by the automated account if you use an outdated version of the template files.


Proposals for Time on ARO Telescopes

The Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO) is at present soliciting proposals for the 10-meter Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) located on Mount Graham, Arizona, and the new ALMA Prototype 12-meter Telescope (12m) located on Kitt Peak, Arizona, as specified in the Call for Proposals.

Proposers should consult the ARO website for technical specifications and to download the updated Proposal Summary Sheet. Proposers are required to list on the summary sheet their requested observing blocks (LST ranges), dates on which they are not available to observe, and dates in which sources in those observing blocks are within the Sun-avoidance zone (44 degrees at the SMT). Proposal candidates are also encouraged to submit up to two pages of scientific justification (including figures) with their Proposal Summary Sheet.

Proposals should be emailed to as specified in the Call for Proposals.

Proposals will be reviewed by the ARO TAC. Scheduling of successful proposals will be done according to availability of the receivers requested. Electronic submissions will be accepted in PDF format.

The telescopes are expected to be available to the general astronomical community for a minimum of 10 percent of the scheduled time. Graduate student participation is especially encouraged regardless of institutional affiliation. Institutions (or individuals) that wish to acquire longer commitments of time should contact the Steward Director.